Aug. 5th, 2012 08:42 pm
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LiveJournal really messed up the gallery.  It's a royal pain in the ass to upload and post images now.  Clicky on any of these to see the full image.

Macrophotograph of a screw.

Storms in the distance, and the water tower that was recently erected nearby.

I wish this bike helmet came in my size.

A couple toads I saw in a well head while looking at houses with a friend.

This show is boring!

Cool story, bro.


Something every Skyrim fan should have.

This tastes like ass.

Mmmmm...  Hooves....

I ordered a pork tenderloin sandwich from a local diner.  This is what I got.
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Assorted pics I either forgot to upload or uploaded to Twitpic but not here.

The antenna I put up for my SO.  I wish I'd done more research; while this antenna works well, it's really overkill.  Separate VHF and UHF antennas would have worked better.

Saw this car with a tiger tail at the Omaha Costco.

Taking the Plattsmouth Bridge across the Missouri River.  These photos were taken back in October when I drove to Iowa to inquire about a marriage license.

After visiting the Mills County Courthouse, I stopped at the nearby Mile Hill Lake at the foot of the Loess Hills.  I walked around the lake, across the dam and up into the hills.  I used to go on these kinds of hikes all the time, but it's been a while and I'm a bit out of shape.

Christmas 2009, I bought stockings for my SO and my roommate.  Not just any kind, but stockings that were appropriate to their "furry preferences".  But I had a very hard time finding anything appropriate for me.  I finally found this stocking with rabbits that was perfect.

Birds are made from bird seed!

Have you given your dog a wet nose today?

Engrish is my favorite language.

One of my relatives!  It's a cute little kids book about packrats.

A Folkmanis Pack Rat puppet.

I've not had much luck getting pictures of the birds.  Every time I try to step outside to get a shot, the more colorful birds fly away.
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This ad ran in the most recent issue of the Economist.  I wonder if the Turkish know that the name of their country has certain negative connotations in English.
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I took a survey today and one of the questions was to name a soft drink prize giveaway promotion, so I put down Jooky Junk

A few pics

Oct. 11th, 2010 06:33 pm
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Is it me, or does this kind of look like one of the rabbit masks from Bioshock?

Get a brain, Morans!

Walmart brand dog food?  It's not so good, actually.

The soy has turned brown.  The farmers can't start the harvest until the soy beans are sufficiently dried.

Center pivot irrigation is fairly rare around here because this area usually gets enough rain for growing corn and soy. 

A long pipe, equipped with sprayers and supported by wheels is connected to a water supply at one end.  An electric motor slowly drives the pipe around the center pivot, watering all the crops in a giant circle.  Some center pivot systems are a quarter mile (400 meters) in length.  You can easily spot center pivot irrigated fields from the air; they appear as giant circles.

Rudolph out for a drive.  The next day I was talking with a Costco employee who mentioned she saw someone driving around with a Rudolph plush in their car.  That was me!  :)

Now it's a party!
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Snoopy Goat!

Giant inflatable sheep!  I know a few people who would have naughty thoughts about this.
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Years ago, Electrolux marketed their vacuum cleaners with the phrase "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux."

Now, their slogan is "Thinking of you."
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Our goats love animal crackers and they're tame enough to take them right out of my mouth.  The camera on my phone is really slow, so it took a couple dozen tries to get a decent shot.  And a couple dozen cookies.

Celebrate the birth of your nation by blowing up a small piece of it.

I'd be angry too if someone tied me down with ropes attached to my nipple rings.
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Why does the horse on display at the supermarket have a sheath?

Front and back views.  The lighting is pretty harsh there, especially looking towards the front of the store.

Yes, the horse appears to be a gelding.

No Frills!

Jun. 2nd, 2010 05:14 pm
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I don't think their milk is quite fresh.  (My camera doesn't do this image justice, it's actually even greener in real life.)
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It's just what I've always wanted!


May. 27th, 2009 07:23 pm
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I was watching TV tonight when they ran a commercial for a nasal spray called Patanase and as usual, I wasn't really paying attention.  When they ran through the list of possible side effects, my subconscious picked up on one of them, giving me a "wait, did they say what I think they said?" moment.  Fortunately, I was watching the show on my computer, so I just backed up a few seconds and ran through it again.  And again.  And again, just to make sure.  Yup, I heard it right the first time.

"Hole in the nasal septum."

Holes.  In your nose.

This drug can put holes in your nose!

Wow.  That's almost as bad as anal leakage.

A day late

Aug. 28th, 2008 12:07 pm
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I'm sure you've seen the Orangina ad with the dancing animals by now.  Well, here's the high resolution version (right-click and Save As):

It's amazing the amount of detail lost in the FLV versions posted to the Orangina web site and YouTube.
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This is a really well done commercial for Delek Dragon, an Israeli brand of gasoline.


May. 31st, 2006 02:06 pm
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I've been playing around with Foshata lately.  (The basic idea is you take a weird Japanese commercial and add your own subtitles)

Here's my contributions so far:

You don't look so good...
Hacking the election computers
Red Stripe
Not so fresh
Chocolate and peanut butter
Walk in
Vonage stocks
Underwear question #1
Underwear question #2
  (currently #3 for the day!)
Immigration Reform
Cheech & Chong
Butter pie


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