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[Error: unknown template qotd]A Left-Handed Sword by Phil Geusz, though it's really more of a long short story.

Hop to it

Apr. 3rd, 2011 12:30 am
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When I first saw the picture ads for Hop, I thought, "Oh how cute!  I must see this movie!"  And then I saw the trailer, which totally dashed my hopes for it.  A big part of the trailers was the jellybean poop scenes, so it looked like all the rest of the dreck being pumped out by Hollywood these days.  My SO was insistent on taking me to the movie, and I was so dreading this movie I almost sneaked out of the house early this morning.  I am so glad I didn't run off.

I enjoyed Hop. Quite a bit, actually.

The characters are absolutely ADORABLE.  If you like bunnies (and who doesn't), you MUST see this movie.  The blending of animation and live action was so seamless, it was impossible to imagine that the rabbits weren't real.  And it was very hard to believe that the Easter Bunny was voiced by House (Hugh Laurie).  The writing and dialog was decent, though not at all outstanding, however I laughed at quite a few points during the film.  And the whole jellybean thing?  What you see in the trailers is it.  Those two little scenes and that's all.

Some advice for James Marsden:  Jesus, man, lay off the caffeine!

I brought my E.B. plushie with me to the theater.  I heard quite a few "Oh look, he's got an E.B. plush!" from kids and adults alike.  I also overheard one woman telling her boyfriend, "You should have brought your Hop bunny!"
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There was a guy in an inflatable Chester Cheetah costume at Walmart today.
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An amazing piece of art by Marilyn Cole (Katmomma).  It's safe for work.
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Clicky the image to enlarge.
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Use Firefox and want to visit a FurAffinity user's page without having to remember a long URL?
Create a bookmark with the name FA user, with a keyword fa and pointing to

Then to access a particular user page, just type fa <username> into the address bar.  For instance, fa captpackrat.

The important part of this is the keyword.  You can change the name of the bookmark to anything you want, but you have to include the keyword.

This trick doesn't work with IE, Opera or Safari, mostly because these browsers utterly suck at handling bookmarks.
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This comic is just soooooo wrong.  (It's work safe, though!)

I mean, first of all, on the very first page, I think I've seen those three in a porn pic on FurAffinity.  Or at least they look like they're from some furry porn image.

Yes, let's search the Internet for the word "zoo".  That should be highly educational.

I want to know what the complete Tiger Web Site is about....

The Internet is GREAT!
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Oh, gravy!

Feb. 15th, 2009 01:26 am
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OK, I'll admit that I've manipulated the game in the past to make the characters say naughty things, but this time it did it entirely of its own accord:

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So, anyone catch American Dad tonight?   OMFG!!!

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I'm sure you've seen the Orangina ad with the dancing animals by now.  Well, here's the high resolution version (right-click and Save As):

It's amazing the amount of detail lost in the FLV versions posted to the Orangina web site and YouTube.
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Anthropomorphic animals giving financial news:
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This is a really well done commercial for Delek Dragon, an Israeli brand of gasoline.
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The default connection to FurryMUCK is plain text, anyone using a packet sniffer can read anything you send or receive, including your username and password!  FM has offered a secure connection port for several years now, but it requires either a client designed for SSL or a wrapper program such as stunnel.  If you use a wrapper, you can continue to use your current client.

Here's how to use stunnel version 4.20, which runs as a Windows Service so it's always available.

Step 1:  Download and install the latest version of stunnel

Step 2:  Click on Start --> Programs --> stunnel --> Edit stunnel.conf

Step 3:  Delete everything in the conf file and paste the following:

socket = l:TCP_NODELAY=1
socket = r:TCP_NODELAY=1
client = yes
service = STunnel to FurryMUCK
taskbar = no

accept = 8899
connect =

Step 4:  Save the file and exit Notepad.

Step 5:  Click on Start --> Programs --> stunnel --> Service install

Step 6:  Click on Start --> Programs --> stunnel --> Service start

Step 7:  Change the settings in your MU program to point to instead of

Step 8:  Connect to FurryMUCK and enjoy having a secure connection that others can't eavesdrop on! 

You can also use stunnel 3.26 instead.  This version has to be started each time you want a secure connection; it doesn't run as a service.  However, this means you can run it from a USB drive without needing to install anything.

Step 1:  Download the latest 3.x version of stunnel and the OpenSSL library (available near the bottom of the same page)

Step 2:  Unzip the file into a folder.

Step 3:  Copy the stunnel binary into that folder.

Step 4:  Open Notepad and copy and paste the following:

stunnel.exe -c -d 8899 -r
Step 5:  Save into the same folder as stunnel and openssl, using the name FurryMUCK.bat  (You can name it whatever you want, but it must have a .BAT extension!), then exit Notepad

Step 6:  Double-click on FurryMUCK.bat to start the SSL wrapper.

Step 7:  Change the settings in your MU program to point to instead of

Step 8:  Connect to FurryMUCK and enjoy having a secure connection that others can't eavesdrop on! 
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It snowed a bit earlier, just enough to wipe out any existing tracks outside.  I went outside tonight, and noticed there are rabbit tracks everywhere!  I was collecting vegetable scraps to leave out for the rabbits, but I never felt like trudging out to the woods.  Now I can see from the tracks that the rabbits come right up to the house, so I'll start collecting leftovers for them again and just leave them near the house.

Speaking of rabbits, I found a box of this stuff at Wal*Mart the other day.   Annie's Homegrown brand Chocolate Bunny Grahams.  Aieee!  Too cute!


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