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Next door to the district support center was a rail car repair facility.  One of the cars they had in their yard was from the long defunct Ashley, Drew & Northern Railway.  This boxcar has clearly seen better days.

The facility also had the cutest little locomotive.  It's an EMC SW1 switcher, built in 1939 for the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy.  I couldn't get a good photo of it because it was always behind a row of boxcars, but here's what it looks like.

Klaatu barada nikto

Push Button.  Receive Bacon.  Eat Bacon.

When I see "SDSU", I think San Diego State University, not South Dakota.

Someone had an inflatable bear named Snowflake.

Snowflake taking a break.

I finally found a use for a Mac Mini.

My laptop at work.
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"For the first month of Ricardo and Felicity's affair, they greeted one another at every stolen rendezvous with a kiss — a lengthy ravenous kiss, Ricardo lapping and sucking at Felicity's mouth as if she were a giant cage-mounted water bottle and he were the world's thirstiest gerbil."

--2010 Winner of the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest.
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Jesus was cool, but his fan club sucks.

Poetry Meme

Mar. 2nd, 2010 08:45 pm
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When you see this, post a poem in your journal

To a Mouse, on Turning Her Up in Her Nest, with the Plough
Robert Burns

Wee, sleekit, cowrin, tim'rous beastie,
O, what a panic's in thy breastie!
Thou need na start awa sae hasty
Wi bickering brattle!
I wad be laith to rin an' chase thee,
Wi' murdering pattle.

I'm truly sorry man's dominion
Has broken Nature's social union,
An' justifies that ill opinion
Which makes thee startle
At me, thy poor, earth born companion
An' fellow mortal!

I doubt na, whyles, but thou may thieve;
What then? poor beastie, thou maun live!
A daimen icker in a thrave
'S a sma' request;
I'll get a blessin wi' the lave,
An' never miss't.

Thy wee-bit housie, too, in ruin!
It's silly wa's the win's are strewin!
An' naething, now, to big a new ane,
O' foggage green!
An' bleak December's win's ensuin,
Baith snell an' keen!

Thou saw the fields laid bare an' waste,
An' weary winter comin fast,
An' cozie here, beneath the blast,
Thou thought to dwell,
Till crash! the cruel coulter past
Out thro' thy cell.

That wee bit heap o' leaves an' stibble,
Has cost thee monie a weary nibble!
Now thou's turned out, for a' thy trouble,
But house or hald,
To thole the winter's sleety dribble,
An' cranreuch cauld.

But Mousie, thou art no thy lane,
In proving foresight may be vain:
The best laid schemes o' mice an' men
Gang aft agley,
An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain,
For promis'd joy!

Still thou are blest, compared wi' me!
The present only toucheth thee:
But och! I backward cast my e'e,
On prospects drear!
An' forward, tho' I canna see,
I guess an' fear!

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An older woman talking to her husband:  "No, you're not always wrong, but you're wrong this time."
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Oh, squiggly line in my eye fluid,
I see you lurking there on the periphery of my vision.
But when I try to look at you, you scurry away.
Are you shy, squiggly line?
Why only when I ignore you, do you return to the center of my eye?
Oh, squiggly line, it’s alright, you are forgiven.
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"For many, this charred portrait of Elizabeth II gives poignant new meaning to the phrase, 'Hey, check out that flaming queen.'"
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"Daddy is going crazy, want to join him?"
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From the Letters to the Editor in today's San Jose Mercury News:

"In order to stimulate the economy, President Bush wants to give individuals $600 at a total cost of $150 billion. Now, since the war in Iraq is costing us approximately $250 million a day, adding up to that $150 billion every six days, why not leave the Iraqis to solve their own problems themselves, and instead of spending our money there, give everyone $600 once a week? That will save us $250 million a week, stimulate the economy big time and save lives as well."

250,000,000 x 6 = 150,000,000,000?

Maybe this should have been included in the Reader's Digest article last month on teachers helping students in California cheat on achievement tests.
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I need not search for precious gold;
Of wealth, I have my share.
For with my eyes, I scan the skies
And find my fortune there.
A host of priceless dreams unfold
In songs that bluebirds sing.
The earth, the sea belong to me
I'm richer than a king.
To add to things that money cannot buy,
An echo brings this very soft reply:

Yes!  We have no bananas!
We have no bananas today!
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Miko grrs, why do the damn button layouts on all squeezebox instruments eat cock? x.x
Acy says, "With teeth?"
Ranna yerfs, "Chomp chomp"
Captain cheers, "That would explain the Who song. "Mama's got a squeezebox, Daddy never sleeps at night.""
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"What constitutes the bulwark of our own liberty and independence? It is not our frowning battlements, our bristling sea coasts, the guns of our war steamers, or the strength of our gallant and disciplined army. These are not our reliance against a resumption of tyranny in our fair land. All of them may be turned against our liberties, without making us stronger or weaker for the struggle. Our reliance is in the love of liberty which God has planted in our bosoms. Our defense is in the preservation of the spirit which prizes liberty as the heritage of all men, in all lands, every where. Destroy this spirit, and you have planted the seeds of despotism around your own doors."

-- Abraham Lincoln

"The policy decisions for a president in dealing with an avian flu outbreak are difficult. One example: If we had an outbreak somewhere in the United States, do we not then quarantine that part of the country? And how do you then enforce a quarantine? It's one thing to shut down your airplanes; it's another thing to prevent people from coming in to get exposed to the avian flu. And who is best able to affect a quarantine? One option is the use of a military that's able to plan and move."

-- George W. Bush
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From a conversation on FurryMUCK:

Ogg's user blinks at a log message from his mail server. "It records relay attempts. Why do I have the feeling that spam addresses are talking to each other now?"
Scruff chirps, "They're developing intelligence!"
Ogg chatters, "That's intelligent?"
Scruff chirps, "Well, some sorta crude mind anyway"
Mav wruffs gruffly, "It's actually how the spam network populates itself now."
Mav wruffs gruffly, "It's drone communication."
Tsuki purrs quietly, "the's becoming alive....and stupid"
Tailen chirrups, "Zombies"
Scruff cuddles the TTL flag
Ogg sighs. "An emerging sentient being that knows how to keep it up longer and get viagra cheap."
Margaras rumbles softly, "huge tits, cheap warez"
Malkoten rumbles, "From canada!"
Miko chitters, "And make $$$ in its spare time."
Ogg grins.
Mav wruffs gruffly, "And is always approved for the best home mortgage"
Ogg chatters, "And can help out people with their Nigerian bank accounts."
Scruff chirps, "With genuine university diplomas!"
Captain squeaks, "And h0t XxX Fram Grrls!"
Mav wruffs gruffly, "Wow.. ya know what is worst.. picking on the sentinent being of the internet. ;)"
Ogg chatters, "Damn. There's material for a funny science-fiction story here."
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Lady Into Fox by David Garnett

I haven't read but a few paragraphs yet, but it does sound quite intriguing.

"A grown lady is changed straightway into a fox. There is no explaining that away by any natural philosophy. The materialism of our age will not help us here. It is indeed a miracle; something from outside our world altogether; an event which we would willingly accept if we were to meet it invested with the authority of Divine Revelation in the scriptures, but which we are not prepared to encounter almost in our time, happening in Oxfordshire amongst our neighbours."
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The UCSD cable channel is currently showing Robot Monster.

Egads, this is one of the cheesiest of cheesy sci fi movies.

"I'm bossy? You're so bossy you oughta be milked before you come home at night."
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Star Wars Episode III review from the New Yorker:

"The general opinion of Revenge of the Sith seems to be that it marks a distinct improvement on the last two episodes, "The Phantom Menace" and "Attack of the Clones." True, but only in the same way that dying from natural causes is preferable to crucifixion."
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You will have a fine capacity for the enjoyment of life.
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Destiny is challenging you,
"Obey me, or defy me!"


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