Sep. 15th, 2007


Sep. 15th, 2007 12:08 am
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It was very late last night,
I sat at the radio,
Dialing from left to right,
Why, I did not know.

I heard a man in a voice low,
And sweet with circumspection
Say, "Innocent listener don't you know,
The flame is its own reflection."

The flame is its own reflection!

He turned me on, off I turned him,
We tuned out all direction.
I sat alone with my head aswim,
The flame is its own reflection!

The flame is its own reflection!

The universe is nought but sound,
Sound is its own perfection.
Mind is the only truth I've found.
The flame is its own reflection!

The flame is its own reflection!

I sat alone with my head aswim,
The flame is its own reflection!

Mind is the only truth I've found.
The flame is its own reflection!

Mind is the only truth I've found.
The flame is its own reflection!

The flame is its own reflection!
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Plugged in the expensive brand new computer-controlled automatic-diagnostic battery charger, pressed the charge button and it immediately threw an error F02, Voltage Too Low To Accept Charge.  I went back in the house and started hunting for places that sell Optima batteries, when I discovered that it is an AGM (Absorption Glass Mat) cell, not a standard wet or gel cell like most automotive batteries.  This charger has a special mode for AGM batteries.

Feeling hopeful, I went back outside, hooked up the charger, put it in AGM mode, and pressed the charge button. 



Looks like I'll be hunting down a battery tomorrow.

I'm debating whether to stick with the Optima Red, which is a starter battery, or the Optima Yellow, which is a less powerful deep cycle battery.  Starter batteries are designed to use no more than 5% of their power; a full discharge significantly reduces it's battery life.  Deep cycle batteries are designed to be fully depleted and recharged without damage, but they produce less cranking power.  The Optima Yellow is also significantly more expensive than the Red, and it has only a 1 year warranty, the Red has 3 years.

Deep cycling a starter battery generally voids the warranty, so I doubt I'll be able to get a warranty replacement.

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I've seen this kind of thing in cartoons, but this is RL. The fire dept is on fire!
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The patron saint of computers and the Internet is St. Isidore of Seville.
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Went searching for a replacement battery today.  Wal*Mart doesn't carry Optima batteries, neither did Napa.  I finally found that Advance Auto Parts carries them, though the price was a good deal higher than I seem to recall paying at Pep Boys a year and a half ago.  Sam's Club was cheaper for the other sizes, but they don't carry Group 78 Optimas and apparently can't get them.

First I brought in my old battery for them to test.  The test was "inconclusive".  They offered to hook it up to a charger for 8 hours, but I figured if it's "inconclusive", it's certainly already lost a good portion of its lifespan.

I asked about warranty replacement, and the guy said I'd have to take it to where I'd bought it, Pep Boys.  Which the nearest appears to be in Wichita, Kansas, 260 miles away as the crow flies.  So much for that.

It was only an extra $20 for the Optima Yellow deep cycle battery, so I decided to go with that one.  It doesn't have as much cranking power as the Red and the warranty is shorter, but it's got a higher power reserve and can withstand full discharge cycles without damage.  It's still about as many CCA's as the stock Delco battery, and deep cycling a Red battery technically voids the warranty anyway.  Until I can find out what's causing the power drain, this battery is probably the best bet.

I also had to pay an extra $10 to get one with those damn GM side terminals.

This battery is FREAKING heavy, about 45 pounds!  Much heavier than the Red, which itself was heavier than the stock Delco.  I almost sprained my arm picking it up, I wasn't expecting that much weight.

Hooked the battery up, everything came on right away, and the engine fired up the instant I turned the key.  I still plugged it into my new battery charger and ran it through a full charge cycle.  Although it was a new battery, it had been on the shelf for several months, so it was probably a bit low.  Because they have a higher reserve, it takes much longer to charge with the alternator, hence my desire to top it off.  I also ran the charger's alternator test, just in case.  No problems detected, even with interior lights, headlights, radio, GPS, radar, and fans
all turned on.

Now I just need to find a new maintenance charger, preferably one that can plug into the cigarette lighter instead of needing me to pop the hood every time I put the car away.


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