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LiveJournal really messed up the gallery.  It's a royal pain in the ass to upload and post images now.  Clicky on any of these to see the full image.

Macrophotograph of a screw.

Storms in the distance, and the water tower that was recently erected nearby.

I wish this bike helmet came in my size.

A couple toads I saw in a well head while looking at houses with a friend.

This show is boring!

Cool story, bro.


Something every Skyrim fan should have.

This tastes like ass.

Mmmmm...  Hooves....

I ordered a pork tenderloin sandwich from a local diner.  This is what I got.
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I took this photo while crossing the NE-50 bridge over the Platte River near Louisville, NE.  Usually the water fills at least half the channel, but now it's barely more than a creek.  The Platte is not a very deep river, flood stage is only 9 feet, but it's currently at less than 15 inches.  There is actually grass growing out where the river should be.

The river usually looks like this:  (Taken from just a few miles upstream)
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At Omaha Eppley Field in the month of July:

The average maximum temperature is normally 87.3°F.  This July the average high was 96.9°.  26 days were above 90°.  The coolest high temperature of the month was 86° on the 8th, this is the warmest coldest-max temperature ever in Omaha in July.  This month saw the 3rd longest streak of 95°+ days, 15, and the 3rd longest streak of 103°+ days, 4.  A record high of 104° was set on July 6, a record high of 105° was set on the 22nd and a tied record high of 105° set on the 23rd.  The warmest day of the month was the 25th, 106°.  July 6th tied for the record warmest low of 78°, and July 24th set the record for warmest low, 84°.

The Cooling Degree Days average for July is 365, and the average for the entire year through July is 677.  This July alone saw 624 Cooling Degree Days, for a total of 1200 since January 1.  This year has seen the highest number of consecutive 80+° days, 87 so far, and the second highest number of consecutive 90°+ degree days, 50 (the record is 54 set in 1934).

The normal average rainfall for the month is 3.83" and the previous record low was 0.39" set in 1983.  This July saw only 0.01" of rain.  This is the driest July on record and tied for the 6th driest month on record.

Climate records for this location go back to 1871.
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A great radar shot of a gust front ahead of a line of storms moving towards Omaha.  (It's the thin yellow line near the middle)

That's no moon.  It's a SUPERMOON!
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Just a light snowfall...

Icicles hanging from the roof.

I've had this incense for a couple years now and only recently realized the adapter they included with it is just a spent .22LR shell with a screw through it.
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There is a High Risk of severe thunderstorms this afternoon into tonight over the Mississippi/Ohio River Valley region, including parts of Northeast Arkansas, Western Tennessee, Southeastern Missouri, Southern Illinois, Western and Central Kentucky and Southern Indiana, with a Moderate Risk in the areas surrounding that, including Eastern and Central Arkansas, Northern Mississippi, Northeastern Alabama, Central Tennessee, Central Kentucky, Southeastern Ohio, Central Indiana, Central Illinois and Southeast Central Missouri.  There is a Slight Risk of severe weather from Eastern Texas through the Eastern Great Lakes

A Major Tornado Outbreak is forecast later today and tonight over portions of the Mid-Mississippi and Lower Ohio Valleys.

This is the same storm that yesterday produced 48 tornado reports, softball-sized hail, 80+ mph winds and at least 13 casualties across Kansas, Oklahoma and Northern Texas.

This is already a Particularly Dangerous Situation Tornado Watch issued for Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana, Western and Central Kentucky and Eastern Missouri.  Violent tornadoes, hail to 3 inches in diameter, wind gusts to 70 mph and dangerous lightning are possible.

If you live in these areas, make sure your weather radio is turned on and working.  If you don't have a weather radio, keep your radio or TV tuned to a local news station or monitor your local radar via the NWS web site or another weather site such as Weather Underground.
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Last night the NWS issued a Winter Storm Warning with dire predictions of 7 to 12 inches of snow, 40 mph wind gusts, wind chills of -37°F, blowing and drifting snow and whiteout conditions.  Fortunately none of that has come to pass, yet.

This morning we've had a tiny amount of freezing rain and sleet, just enough to make a paper-thin ice sheet on the steps and to coat the bare trees with a glistening coat of white. 

When I let the dogs out this morning, they kept skidding and sliding around on the ice.  It was rather amusing to watch.

Less amusing was having to walk through this stuff to feed and water the sheep, but my ice cleats work extremely well in this kind of weather. I don't like wearing them inside the barn because they pick up crap (literally), but they're too tricky to remove and reattach easily so I just leave them on and remove my boots on the kitchen porch.

The radar is pretty much empty, except for a sliver of a return around Norfolk.  If there's any snow coming, it won't be for several hours at least.
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Map courtesy
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First snow of the season today.  We've gotten about 2 inches so far and could receive a third overnight.

This means I have to start feeding the sheep and goats, since there's no longer any visible grass for them.  I need to buy some more alfalfa cubes, since we're low.  We've got plenty of pellets, but they tend to eat those too quickly; the cubes take some time to eat.  Fortunately the new goats have finally figured out that the barn makes better shelter than the deck.  I still locked them in for the night, anyway.  They don't need to be wandering around in the snow tonight.

I'm a bit worried about my SO.  He doesn't get off work until Midnight, and then he's got to drive home in this.
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Bike chain fail.

If you're going to chain your bike to something useless like this ashtray, at least run the chain through the wheels so someone can't just ride off with it.

Sounds like it should be a Furry show.  It's not.

A few weeks ago my roommate's dog somehow tore a nail and had to go to the vet for surgery.  Now she's missing the nail and it shows no signs of growing back.

We got lucky the other day after that really bad thunderstorm and had only minor damage to the fence.  Others weren't so lucky.

Woodchuck!  (aka Groundhog or Marmot)  He was just staring off into space when I snapped the photo.  I tried to get his attention so he'd look at me, but that scared him off.  They're almost as cute as bunnies when they run away.

I saw this license plate in town and had to snap a photo.
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Fortunately nothing appear to have hit the house.  The only real property damage, other than downed limbs, is a badly twisted fence panel that will have to be replaced.

The power went out about 8:45 last night and stayed out until 6 or 7 this morning.  Having no power at night isn't that big a deal, except the well pump is electric and there's no manual backup.  No power means no water, which means no toilets, no bath, no faucets.

This limb was a good 50 feet away from the nearest tree.  The goats have already been out nibbling on the leaves.  I think I'll leave it there until they've finished.

Another chunk of our ancient maple came down.  One of the limbs is badly rotten and needs the attention of a certified arborist if we want to save the tree.

The damaged fence and the limb that hit it.  Fortunately this kind of fence is fairly easy to repair, just yank the nails holding the damaged panel, then nail up a new panel.  We've got some spares.  The hard part is going to be disentangling the fence panel from all the ivy that's grown over it.

Yet another limb snapped in two by the winds last night.  This one is going to be hard to remove, as it's still partly attached to the tree well out of anyone's reach.

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And here we go again.

We've had thunderstorms every single night for nearly a week now.  It's getting a bit annoying.

EDIT:  And now we have a Severe Thunderstorm Warning.  Winds gusting to 60 MPH and torrential rains.
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Canceled at 5:15 pm.  The watch was originally scheduled to last until 10 pm.

Not good, NWS, not good.  Issuing these kind of bad watches is a good way to get the public to ignore future watches.
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Also the possibility of hail to 3.5 inches and/or 80 mph winds.

I love this phone. I'm listening to NOAA Weather Radio with the Scanner Radio app while typing out this message.

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Jun. 14th, 2010 12:27 pm
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Flood warnings remain in effect for many streams and rivers in
eastern Nebraska and southwest Iowa through Monday morning.

Rivers and streams that are flooding include...

Record flooding along the Elkhorn river from Ewing to Neligh and
Norfolk downstream through Waterloo. The river appears to be
cresting at both Ewing and Neligh. The Norfolk crest has been raised
to near 14.5 by Tuesday evening.

The North Fork of the Elkhorn river at Pierce continues to crest.

The Maple Creek at Nickerson continues to flood. Much of Dodge
County has water problems with water over several roads.

The Loup river and Shell Creek in Platte County remain flooded.

The Platte River from around Columbus downstream to North Bend
through Louisville and its confluence with the Missouri River will
continue to flood.

The Missouri River downstream from its confluence with the Platte
River to Rulo will continue to gradually rise.

Ponca creek in Knox County continues to fall.

A Flash Flood Warning continues for Cedar River in southwest Boone
County. Ericson dam failure occurred Sunday night in Wheeler County
and this water moved into Greeley County. As of 11 am... water was
flowing over the top of the dam at Spalding but was holding most of
the water. A Flash Flood Warning was issued downstream of this for
southwest Boone County. Law enforcement reports that the Cedar Creek
has slowly gone up 2 feet at Cedar Rapids since 4 am.

The Nishnabotna at Hamburg... the east Nishnabotna at Red Oak and the
west Nishnabotna at Randolph in southwest Iowa are around flood

In addition... smaller tributaries of the above mentioned creeks and
rivers are either running high or are backed up because of high
flows of the larger waterways.
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I don't think we're in immediate danger, but the storm "capable of producing a tornado" is very nearby.

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EDIT:  OK, there's  a storm spotter report of a tornado on the ground, about 4 or 5 miles away.

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There is a moderate risk for severe thunderstorms this afternoon. The SPC is predicting a 10% chance of tornadoes, possibly severe, and a 45% chance of large hail.

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Whoo, 1500th LJ entry!

I was at Sam's Club late last night when a huge thunderstorm hit.  You could hear the torrential rains even inside the store.  Fortunately they have a covered loading area, unlike Costco, so I was able to load the stuff without getting soaked.  I was also apparently the only person who brought an umbrella.

Picked up a 50 pound bag of popcorn.  That should last a while.

Last night I signed up for the Nebraska Lottery's free MVP program.  They gave me a coupon for a free Pick 5 ticket.  The jackpot is currently $102,000.  I went to the minimarket in town and got my free ticket this afternoon, then stopped next door at the Subway for a $5 footlong.  Laying on the counter was a coupon for a free MegaMillions lottery ticket, so after getting my order, I went back to the minimart and got that ticket.  That $5 footlong could end up winning me $31 million.

In case you've been living under a rock for the past week, Steam is giving away free copies of Portal until May 24th. Minimum requirements are a 1.7 GHz processor, 512MB RAM, a DirectX 8.1 compatible graphics card, Windows 2000 or higher.  If you meet those minimums, be sure to download.  If you don't meet those minimum requirements, GET IT ANYWAY!  Once you "purchase" it, you'll have it in your Steam account for life, so you'll be able to download and install it on a future computer.
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There were tornado warnings in just about every county surrounding us, but nothing in this county.  There were 3 tornadoes spotted near Nebraska City and 1 near Glenwood, IA, and a confirmed EF1 that destroyed some houses and outbuildings in Jefferson County.  We were briefly under a severe thunderstorm warning and there were some pretty strong winds, but I didn't see or hear any hail.  Power came back on about 11 pm.

The worst part about thunderstorms around here is they usually happen at night.  Towards the end of the storm, visibility was down to under one mile so if there had been anything coming at us, it would have been invisible until it was too late.

Had a job interview early this morning.  Not sure if I really want it, as it doesn't pay all that well, it's at night and it will require working 12 hour shifts, but it's only for 3 weeks, it's relatively nearby and it is money.

Did some light shopping, got home, undressed, laid down in bed and almost immediately fell asleep for about 4 hours.  I was short on sleep the night before and I only got about 5-6 hours last night, so I really needed it.
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Power went out. Tornado warnings a couple counties to the southwest. Severe thunderstorm warning next county over. Looooooong line of storms stretching beyond the Kansas border.

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