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Mistletoe has yellowish-green, smooth-edged, teardrop-shaped leaves with white berries.
Holly has deep green, pointy leaves, thorny branches and red berries.
You kiss under the mistletoe, while holly is used to deck the halls.

Berries of white, kissing's alright.
Berries of red gets you hit in the head.
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Good King Wenceslas looked out, on the Feast of Stephen,
When the snow lay round about, deep and crisp and even;
Brightly shone the moon that night, tho' the frost was cruel,
When a poor man came in sight, gath'ring winter fuel.

"Hither, page, and stand by me, if thou know'st it, telling,
Yonder peasant, who is he? Where and what his dwelling?"
"Sire, he lives a good league hence, underneath the mountain;
Right against the forest fence, by Saint Agnes' fountain."

"Bring me flesh, and bring me wine, bring me pine logs hither:
Thou and I shall see him dine, when we bear them thither. "
Page and monarch, forth they went, forth they went together;
Through the rude wind's wild lament and the bitter weather.

"Sire, the night is darker now, and the wind blows stronger;
Fails my heart, I know not how; I can go no longer. "
"Mark my footsteps, my good page. Tread thou in them boldly
Thou shalt find the winter's rage freeze thy blood less coldly. "

In his master's steps he trod, where the snow lay dinted;
Heat was in the very sod which the Saint had printed.
Therefore, Christian men, be sure, wealth or rank possessing,
Ye who now will bless the poor, shall yourselves find blessing.
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Assorted pics I either forgot to upload or uploaded to Twitpic but not here.

The antenna I put up for my SO.  I wish I'd done more research; while this antenna works well, it's really overkill.  Separate VHF and UHF antennas would have worked better.

Saw this car with a tiger tail at the Omaha Costco.

Taking the Plattsmouth Bridge across the Missouri River.  These photos were taken back in October when I drove to Iowa to inquire about a marriage license.

After visiting the Mills County Courthouse, I stopped at the nearby Mile Hill Lake at the foot of the Loess Hills.  I walked around the lake, across the dam and up into the hills.  I used to go on these kinds of hikes all the time, but it's been a while and I'm a bit out of shape.

Christmas 2009, I bought stockings for my SO and my roommate.  Not just any kind, but stockings that were appropriate to their "furry preferences".  But I had a very hard time finding anything appropriate for me.  I finally found this stocking with rabbits that was perfect.

Birds are made from bird seed!

Have you given your dog a wet nose today?

Engrish is my favorite language.

One of my relatives!  It's a cute little kids book about packrats.

A Folkmanis Pack Rat puppet.

I've not had much luck getting pictures of the birds.  Every time I try to step outside to get a shot, the more colorful birds fly away.


Feb. 3rd, 2011 01:17 am
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[ profile] animale  and I have been together for just a few days shy of 11-1/2 years.  We've lived together for about 5 of those years and we were pretty much married in all but name.  Although I'd originally wanted to get married in my home state of California, when they passed Prop 8 and Iowa started allowing gay marriage, we decided to get married there.  We got our license back in November, but various events kept delaying the ceremony.  Part of it was that Animale wanted a date that he would be able to remember easily.  1/1/11 was a holiday, so that didn't work, we weren't able to schedule anything for 1/11/11, and I didn't want to wait until 11/11/11 (which would have been a cool number), but we finally settled on 2/2/11, which also happens to be Groundhog Day, the only rodent-related holiday on the calendar.  And 22 is divisible by 11!*

At some point in the future we may have a big public wedding at a con or something, but for now, we had a little ceremony at the Magistrate's office in Glenwood, Iowa.  Everyone there was really nice and enthusiastic, not the slightest hint of prejudice or homophobia.

We exchanged wedding bands made of tungsten carbide, a relatively new jewelry material.  Tungsten carbide is an extremely hard substance, a 9 on the Mohs scale, as hard as corundum.  The ring is a dark metallic color and is polished to a near mirror finish.

*Bob's Burgers reference
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The Mouse King is without a doubt the most difficult of all Nutcracker characters to obtain.  I've only seen one once before, and I kicked myself for weeks afterward for not buying it.  When I saw this one at Target for just $12, I didn't have to think twice about it.
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For dinner today, I made a turkey breast (a full turkey is just too much food), corn, green beans and carrots, sweet potato fries, cranberry sauce (made with whole cranberries) and a spring mix salad. Then we watched 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol.

Then I started setting up the Christmas tree. This is the first tree we've had in quite a few years and the first one that I've ever decorated myself. I bought a 7-1/2 foot artificial tree, which unfortunately turned out to be slightly too tall for the living room; I had to leave off the lighted star that I bought for the top. All the lights are LED, and while most of the ornaments are fairly generic (balls and snowflakes and such), I also bought a handful of special ornaments representing myself and my roommates.

I ended up spending so much on the tree and decorations that I won't be able to buy any Christmas presents this year. :-P

I just hope the dogs don't end up eating, whizzing on or otherwise destroying the tree.

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Give someone special a gift that keeps on giving.

Xmas loot

Dec. 25th, 2008 10:53 pm
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My SO got me an iPod Classic 120 Gig.

I gave him some books, a large brass bell and a Sodastream home soda machine.

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I was in town this afternoon to do the weekly grocery shopping.  I also wanted to go to Foot Locker in the mall to price out some golf shoes, since I have a 25% off coupon.  But when I got there, the parking lot was almost completely full!  I didn't feel like fighting the crowds, so I left.  Costco's parking lot was fuller than usual too.  And there was a lot more traffic than usual on the road on the way home.  I keep hearing all these dire predictions about the upcoming Christmas shopping season, but if the malls are full 2 weeks BEFORE Thanksgiving, this looks more like boom than bust.

They've started running Christmas commercials on TV, and there are decorations and stuff up around the malls.  Costco has had Christmas stuff since September and Wal*Mart was playing Christmas music before Halloween! 

I've heard of keeping the Christmas spirit all year long, but this is getting ridiculous.


May. 11th, 2008 10:35 am
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To all the horses out there, Happy Mudders Day!
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Reindeer face!

It was actually pretty hard to get a decent picture of the reindeer.  They were behind a fence and wouldn't really hold still for long, except when eating.  Apparently reindeer really like Wal*Mart brand vanilla wafers.

Everyone else was taking pictures of their kids with the reindeer, while I was trying to take macrophotographs of their feet.  (The reindeer's feet, that is, not the kid's.)

Reindeer snoot!  She was really interested in my camera at that moment.

Upside-down Christmas tree at a local Menard's (hardware store chain).
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Enjoy the holiday!

And don't forget to vote on Antichrist's Day tomorrow!  (6/6/6)


Feb. 20th, 2006 10:24 pm
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Day four of the flu. It's mostly gone, except I feel like there's something in my lungs, but I can't seem to cough it up. And the coughing is making my throat sore. I've still got a bit of a fever, between 100 and 101, and I feel a bit run down.

While today was a holiday for most people, it wasn't for me, I had to go to work. Fortunately, about half the people at work decided to take the day off, so there was little for me to do all day. I got into work early, so I was able to leave early.

The K&N filter on my car was getting a bit nasty, but the process of washing, drying, and reoiling is very time consuming, and I can't drive the car without an air filter, so I just bought a replacement filter and installed it today. I'll clean the old one, so when the new one gets dirty, I'll oil up the old one and swap them again. The old one took about 2 years to get dirty, so together, these two filters should last well into the 22nd century.

My car reached exactly 78,000 miles as I pulled into the driveway.

I need new tires. The old ones are getting rather worn, down to 1/16" of tread left. The problem is this car takes an unusual size, P255/50R17. I'm thinking of switching to a tire with a smaller sidewall, 255/40R17. This size is easier to find, there's more variety available, they're cheaper, the shorter sidewalls make for better maneuverability, and the smaller tire diameter will have the effect of increasing the differential ratio, giving me faster accelleration. The only downsides I can find so far is that it will throw off the speedometer (which can be fixed by reprogramming the engine computer), the smaller tires might look slightly odd (they're about 2 inches smaller in diameter), and the ride won't be quite as smooth (less cushioning).

Tomorrow I have to drive to Temecula to do some maintanence on the computers at our remote office. Fortunately the drive is against the normal flow of rush hour traffic, so it's a trip I don't mind. It's a fairly scenic drive, I usually get to sneak out of work a bit early, and Temecula has one of the last Long John Silver's in the area. Plus I get reimbursed for the mileage. Yay!

I normally don't watch House, but everyone was talking about it, so I watched this episode. Weird. Very, very, very weird.

Finally managed to win a Vadem Clio on eBay. I've been needing to buy one for work to do some testing. Unfortunately, it's the C-1000 model, not the better C-1050. I can't believe just how expensive these damn things are.
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Every woman who works in this company showed up for work today.

Only about 5 men out of 15 showed up.
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One of my all-time favorite Christmas programs was on tonight, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. Lousy bastards at ABC Family cut out Father Mouse singing "Give Your Heart a Try"
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Watching the Star Wars Holiday Special

Oh dear GOD this program is painful. Episode 1 is a masterpiece in comparison. The whole program is basically 90 minutes of Wookies growling. But at least it has a good Wilhelm Scream.
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Today was the annual office Christmas party. Pretty good food, bar-be-que beef, turkey, and ribs, beans, rice and coleslaw. The only problem was the choice of beverages: Coke, Diet Coke or Coors Light.

Fortunately I BYOBed and had a 6-pack of Henry Weinhard's Vanilla Cream soda in the fridge. Everyone wanted to know why I had a bottle while everyone else got cans. :)

The big Xmas raffle is coming up in a few minutes. One of the items is a PSP. I think everyone wants that one.

EDIT: I won 2 prizes in the raffle, a $25 gift certificate from Home Depot and a $50 Visa gift card! Yay me!
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In April I broke [ profile] rikoshi's X-Box (-12 points). Last Thursday I stole [ profile] paladin_leopard's purse (-30 points). Last Monday I committed genocide... Sorry about that, [ profile] shy_matsi (-5000 points). In October I ate my brussel sprouts (1 points). Last Saturday I punched [ profile] athalon in the arm (-10 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-5051 points). For Christmas I deserve a lump of coal!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:


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